Feeling lonely in crypto space? Get yourself a crypto waifu! Or maybe even a couple of waifus!

Every waifu is a NFT token stored in Binance Smart Chain blockchain with an unique AI-generated image. There is a total of just 2048 tokens. They were very carefully handpicked from over 400,000 images generated by neural network.

What you can do with your waifu?

  • Hodl, chill and have fun
  • Trade your digital collectibles on p2p NFT marketplaces
  • Send links to your waifus to your friends so they can like them

And remember: having a waifu makes your friends jealous!

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Each waifu NFT has a 6-step lifecycle. A freshly minted token is a very pixelated image. After 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 days the token can be upgraded to become less pixelated and more beautiful.

Another way to instantly upgrade a token is to transfer it to someone else.

Maximally upgraded waifu can even be given a name!

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get a waifu to join chat

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